Our PR manager took a build of our game down to a SpilBar which can be roughly translated as "Game Bar". (Oh if there were Romani Milk bars in real life I'd never leave!)

Quote from video description:

"A Hat in Time showcased at SpilBar Copenhagen

Last week we had the opportunity to showcase the game at a local game event here in Denmark called SpilBar (can roughly be translated to "Game Bar"). It's a bi-monthly gathering of game developers from all over Scandinavia, coming together to learn and talk about games.

So, we put up a laptop and let people play A Hat in Time. This was the first real public showcase of the game, so we were very excited. Fortunately, people seemed to really like the game. We also received a lot of useful feedback for how to improve it, which we are grateful for.

Thanks to Anchel Labena (http://www.anchel.com/) and his camera work, we've been able to put together a small video from the event. Enjoy!"

Fan art yay!