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A Hat in Time - Mini Update 02

Another mini update since we've spoiled fans today with updates.

Above is a picture of the City which I've been improving this month. Certainly a lot better than before and not just in detail but lighting too :)


My boss has also got Gamecube controllers to work with the game now and I believe there's demand for N64 controllers as well so we'll sort that out sometime.

One of our concept artists, Shane Frost, drew this delightful pic of the fire spirits in the forest. "Burn our butts!"


Here is a picture of Hat Kid when the game was in its early stages :)

My boss also got multiple monitor support to work:


Here's a fun little picture:


Then there are these two articles that might catch your eye:



Or just read this:

"A Hat in Time Developer Teases Good News For The Wii U"

Thanks for reading. Sorry I've been away but the game demands it! :)

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