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A Hat in Time Progress - September

Yo, so I promised Dam a picture that I took yesterday...well the boss gave the OK so here it is. As you can tell we're back on Mafia City...well I guess you already knew that when I showed off the rain video.

So we're basically polishing it and to start with we updated the sea shader. Sparkly :)


I was busy working away when this angle caught my eye...I had to capture it...and now I have my motivational desktop wallpaper ;)

It's a technique I apply when I'm feeling depressed with my work. What better way to improve something than to have it staring in your face all the time. Already I can see flaws in it...the black mark on the lighthouse, the posts on the dock all facing the same way. I've already fixed them :)

And now for something interesting....a fan sent us this:


Mighty impressive. Obviously if you read the description you can tell this is early work. Much like the game :)


Anyway hope this keeps you enterained. Keeping the fans updated is what it's all about.

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