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A Hat in Time Chapter 3 Progress So Far

Well my boss posts updates on facebook sometimes and I thought I'd share some of it here. Realise that this is extremely early work and a lot of it is already outdated.

To start with my boss was having some fun with the DX11 Image-based reflections built into the DX11 UDK however it's not gonna be in the final game due to some issues. New tech etc always has problems ;) And he tested it out on one of my props ;O


Then he shared a WIP of the new enemies. Heh although saying that they were using Hat Kid models as placeholder at the time but if you look closely you can see what they might be.

We also used this chance to make a Mario 128 joke. :)

Finally we showed off this pic today. Turns out my boss might be a Pondling member as he said "Caw Caw" at the start of his post ;P


VERY early work in progress but it gives you a taste of the whacky'ness the game will have.


"Caw. Caw. Tension rises on the train as suspicious passengers come aboard!"

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