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The Summer PhoTAYGraphy - As Habboi Hides in His House because He is Too Busy with some videeohgame...

Hey hey folks! So this thing was thrown out there and the sisters had the audacity to claim that I hide in my house! So I captured some SUMMER PICTURES (like the one above) to prove them wrong...


and I...ah...forget it....I'm so lonely @_@ (Plus that pic above is super old :P)


Starting off...My room!... that I make stuff in.

All summer. Every. Day.

It's enough to make me....Go...

Excuse my "Give up on life" pants. It's cold. (Why yes, I do pull a face like Finn when I'm sleeping, thank you for noticing!)


And oh uh what else have I gots...oh! Here is my first injury of the summer...


I added in some "minor" effects to show you what I see on an average day.

Errrrrrm and hmmm oh yes, can't have Summer without apple pie! Mmmmm me and that pie had some real good times together...


Now you're probably asking yourself...Habboi, how DID you get such a lovely big love gut! Well my fellows, it's all in the diet. I recommend a medium sized pizza, every day! But I hear you asking "Uncle Habz, why medium instead of extra large?" Well my children, there's a reason! The idea is quantity so what you do is order a bazillion side orders like chicken poppers and cheesey jalapenos and the most important ingredient...all the dips you can eat. I recommend the buffalo dip. It's made from real buffalo!


And lastly here's something everyone makes on a warm summer day!


Hmmm I zoomed in too far...well let me describe it...it's brown...it kinda smells nature'y and boy does it taste good with warm, yellow, lemon(ade).

That's right!

TEA. Of course it's also in a snazzy Wallace and Gromit cuparoo but due to the bad angle and my terrible photoshop skills, I was unable to edit them back on to the cup...oh well...


Alright, alright! I hear ya, these are lousy summer photos...so to make up for it I'll show you a never before seen picture from mah videeohgame.


Unfortunately you'll have to use your imagination cause it isn't made yet but you can almost make out the fun if you squint your eyes!


So there you have it. My Summer Adventure in Photo form! You may be thinking...that wasn't much of a Summer adventure but you know what? You don't always need to seek it out there in the big wide world, some of the best adventures can be found pvp'ing in the snowy mountains of Alderaan, trolling random people in Anor Londo, working on a game as the sun sets while your best pal sleeps in the corner...and best of all! Interacting with everyone on TAY! ^^

Until next Summer folks. *waves*

P.S. Though I did end up travelling really far to get that chair in the 2nd pic. Bought it on Ebay and had to road trip it up to collect! SO I guess I really did go on a...


Summer Adventure! @_@

*Does a pirate walk to celebrate*

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